How it Works

At Dominica Housing we want every holiday rental property out there to achieve its full potential.

Benefits of Listing.

Reduce Vacancy Time
Reduce rental vacancy time with effective online rental advertising. Create a professional online listing complete with photographs, textual descriptions, maps and directions and let us advertise your property for you, saving you valuable time and money.
Convert More Leads To Leases
Convert a higher percentage of leads to leases with!
Improve Existing Marketing
Market your properties quickly and efficiently. An online presence is an excellent addition to any marketing plan. can assist in reducing the cost of advertising in traditional media.
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Here’s how it works

Getting starting with Dominica Housing is easy! We at Dominica Housing have streamlined the registration process to enable users to get their property listed with little effort. The process Comprises of three (3) easy steps.

1 Signup

Signup is Free and only require a username, password and a valid email address. Once these requirements are supplied and submitted a welcome notification will be automatically send to the email specified during signup.

To complete signup you would need to confirm your email address. Remember check your junk mail and add us to your friends list.

2 Create Listing

Once logged in, click on "create listing" from the Dashboard to be given a property listing form which is separated into three(3) easy to fill out sections, (Ensure all relevant field are correctly filled out)

Your Google map Location can be added by clicking and dragging the red marker to your property location. (use zoom to accurately position the marker). On completion click save

3 Upload Photos

Finially drag and drop your photos on the canvas and upload your high quality photos. The quality and choice of photos use is very important as it directly reflects your business and influence your leads.

Once you have uploaded your photos you may optionaly add room packages and click on finish to completed the process. Your listing will be place on hold as it is being review by staff.